Learn the beautiful art called Mixology

Cocktail mixology is an art form to some- but to The Cocktail Society we know it’s all about fun, enjoyment and most importantly- TASTE!

Give your guests an experience they will never forget - Have The Cocktail Society teach them how to shake, stir and muddle their own cocktails! We will work with you to come up with a perfect cocktail list- and your party will be full of laughter and enjoyment in no time.

We provide all of the necessary equipment, recipes and shopping lists to help keep things as easy as possible. Plus, we’ll give you take home recipes so you can create them again and again!

We offer our cocktail classes in Wellington as well as travelling out of Wellington, including the Kapiti coast and Wairarapa.

How does it work?

We will supply all cocktail shakers and special tools needed for the cocktail creations, everything else will be supplied by you. But don’t worry, we will give you a clear shopping list and you’ll know exactly what is needed.

We will teach each cocktail in small groups of 5-8 people at a time. This ensures you get the best experience. It will allow your guests time to mix and mingle with each other whilst others make their drinks. Once everyone has made a drink, we repeat the process with another fabulous cocktail creation until the class has completed the cocktail list.

Once you have completed your cocktail class each participant will be given access to all our recipe cards! So you can test out your new cocktail making skills on your family and friends.